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Internet Accounts
Internet merchants are not just those who have ecommerce websites. They can also be those who turn their personal computers into “virtual terminals” and process credit cards over a secure server. These merchants receive keyed rates because the credit card information is 100% keyed into the computer. Keyed rates are higher than swiped rates because more risks are involved in not being able to check the ID of a customer. To decrease risk, the secure server (gateway) portal requires specific information to help identify if the customer is really the cardholder. The billing address for the credit card is requested (AVS), as is the expiration date of the card, and the 3 to 4 digit code on the front or back of the credit card (CVV2 number). Transactions where this data matches the card will receive a lower discount keyed rate than when the data does not match the card, as those transactions are more risky and possibly fraudulent. You will have to pay an additional fee as an Internet merchant account holder. This additional fee is the Secure Gateway Fee. Both ecommerce and virtual credit card merchant account holders have this additional fee, as the cardholder’s information will be passing over the Internet for processing in each case. The gateway keeps cardholder data private and secure from hackers and identity thieves. All American Merchant Services uses Authorize.net as its gateway provider. Authorize.net is a PCI DDS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant company, so you know you are getting the best with this merchant account service. Internet merchants are our fastest growing merchant base for credit card processing and often their business is classified as "high risk" due to the card-not-present environment. For example an ecig or an adult dating company would be classified as a high risk company due to the higher chances of chargebacks and returns. Unfortunately we are unable to support certain prohibited business types such as ecigs or adult.