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Rates / Fees
Our company endeavors to have the most competitive rates in the industry. Our rates start at 1.08% for Swiped Merchants and 1.69% for Keyed Merchants, for certain industries. Our rates and fees depend on the type of business you have, whether you are swiping cards or keying cards, which card types you are accepting, and more. It is important to understand that varying rates will be applied to your processing activity as a function of the type of card, the manner in which the card is processed, and your adherence to required processing rules. To minimize your costs, it is in your best interests to ensure that you and your employees follow the procedures described in your Welcome Booklet and in the training we provide at the time we activate your account. The lowest rate, and the rate you should receive most frequently, is your Qualified Rate. To receive the Qualified Rate on a given transaction, certain criteria apply including, but not limited to, swiping the card if you are a swiped merchant, or keying the card with Address Verification Service (AVS) if you are a keyed merchant. It is also essential that you close out (batch) your terminal each and every day. Although we program all of our terminals to automatically batch each day, you should not rely on this functionality. The Mid-Qualified Rate will apply to certain card types and is a rate you should expect to be assessed with some regularity. Our Mid-Qualified Rate is extremely competitive, and in many cases, our Mid-Qualified Rate is lower than our competitors Qualified Rates. The Non-Qualified Rate is a premium priced rate assigned to certain card types, such as cards issued by non-U.S. banks. In addition, if the merchant fails to batch daily, all card activity will be downgraded to this rate. To minimize costs, ALWAYS batch each and every day. Specific criteria for the application of the above rates varies according to the rate plan we assign to your account. We always endeavor to assign a rate plan that best suits your processing profile, as you describe it to us. Plans can always be changed as a merchant experiences actual processing activity.